Did It.


I started this blog last night to get an echo out there into the world, a squawk, hoping that something, the universe, possibly, might bounce back at me and say, “YES, you are doing the right thing.” Affirmation. And if I can’t have that, then I suppose I just want to be able to follow it, to feel like I have an outlet for getting out the emotions that I know will come hand in hand with uprooting the stable life we’ve built over the past two years.

So, I did it. Today, in between other work, I updated my resume and cover letter and applied to three jobs in the branch of the hospital near my Mom’s house. I have my fingers crossed that this all works out as we hope it will.

I started this blog last night just to shake those thoughts down, get them out, hopefully get some rest for today. I didn’t succeed much on the rest- ended up getting less than 5 hours’ sleep, which is severely inadequate for me… But yes, I started it, I’m following through, and I plan on charting this journey as much as I can. I’m scared. But I am here, and I’m hopeful as always (I’m a positive person, you see) that our future will be brighter still than the today we’ve built. I have another blog, but I couldn’t post this there, it didn’t feel right, and too many family members and friends (and even a friend from work) read it, and I don’t want to reveal too much of our plans until we’re ready for them. I know there will be lots of explanation. Many people won’t understand this whole taking a step back to get two forward thing, many will question and wonder and kink up their noses when they ask me why we’re going back to the basement. I only hope that in a few years, we’ll be able to SHOW them, and then maybe, just maybe, the understanding will follow.