I am getting a little bit excited- and nervous- as I look into this more. I have been exploring my options for school and have found one that I think would work out for me, as it’s close to my mom’s house and is a two year program. It’s really intensive, though, and I will certainly not be able to work full time while I am doing it (classes are 3 days a week 8-4, and clinical is on the other two weekdays from 7-3)… I think we have found a way to make it work, though. We are blessed to have family that owns a business and is willing to let us work a flexible schedule for them to make this happen. The only problem now is that I have to take Microbiology as a pre-requisite at an accredited university… The woman I spoke with said that online is OK as long as the university is accredited. So I have been looking into that now as well.

I am getting more excited as all of these goals start to come into sight as attainable- possible, and maybe even necessary for us to find our proper place in the world. We will have to pay out of pocket for the Micro class since you don’t qualify for financial aid if you are taking just a single course, but I think we can swing that, and once that’s done, I’m on my way to enrolling in nursing school. EEP… Wish me luck!


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